Curatorial Profile


Photography by Neil D’ Souza.

Francesco has a solid background in Classical Philology with dissertations / academic articles on the language and characters in Ovid’s Metamorphoses: his research interests lie in integrating notions of embodiment and identity in Roman and Greek literature, rituals, and visual arts with contemporary performance art.

This curatorial platform started as an independent digital platform while Francesco was attending a Master’s Degree in Curatorial Practice at Bath Spa University (2017-2018).

The interest of this Research Blog lies in exploring and giving visibility to artists who subvert the gender binary, fostering a discourse which encompasses multiple media, namely performing art, contemporary photography, installation art, and painting.

Moving beyond the boundaries of an heteronomative and patriarchal society, Francesco aimed at examining through the lens of Queer Theory samples from drag culture, club kids culture and contemporary performing arts in order to rethink the future role of Curatorial Practice.

The goal of this Research Project is to facilitate a conversation on edgy queer artists or artists who use a queer approach to their practice, always reading their performances / projects within the venues where they take place (notion of the art gallery as a liminal space), and not pretending to create an exhaustive paradigm for interpreting Queer art.

Francesco’s research will be adopting a multidisciplinary approach, which entails the evaluation of primary sources such as performances or participatory projects and secondary sources, namely articles, academic books and films focused on gender roles and reflections on Judith Butler’s idea of gender performativity.