P.A.R.T.Y. : Pride and Revolution to Youth, a project on queer clubbing scene by Nils Rossi, co-curated by Agostinelli, Protopapa and Lombardo.

Daphne Bohémien

Daphne Bohemién, Darkqueen (Milano). Courtesy of Nils Rossi.

P.A.R.T.Y. (Pride and Revolution to Youth) is a photographic project by Milan-based visual storyteller Nils Rossi to spotlight queer club scene revolving around q|LAB, a creative container located in the centre of Milan.

The exhibition, supported by Milano Pride Week and Rainbow District Milano, has been co-curated by Creative Director Alessandro Lombardo, Art Director & DJ Stefano Libertini Protopapa  and photoeditor and producer Sanni Agostinelli.

Discussing  the curatorial process behind P.A.R.T.Y., Stefano and Alessandro said: ‘While planning the new creative season at q|LAB, we thought of bringing to Milan queer artists that don’t only belong to international nightlife but are also devoted to activism.’

At a later stage, Milan-based fashion photographer Nils Rossi embarked upon the project by taking portraits of the artists.

The exhibition, built around 22 portraits, serves the double purpose of celebrating the queer nightlife and educating young LGBTQI+ kids: in the future, Alessandro and Stefano will start a collaboration with youth organisations, especially trans charities and a fundraising campaign.

After the preview at Teatro Elfo Puccini and a first exhibition at Spazio Kryptos, an architecture,  art and design space near Porta Venezia, the exhibition will be touring different cafès such as LeccoMilano, Memà, Mono, Red, 35 until July 31.

Amber Valentine

Amber Valentine. Dj & Party Promoter (New York). Courtesy of Nils Rossi.

Ella Bottom Rouge

Ella Bottom Rouge, Burlesque Performer (Milano). Courtesy of Nils Rossi.

Ken Jii Mizrahi

Kenjii Mizrahi, Dancer (Voguer). Courtesy of Nils Rossi.

Lily Love

Lilly Love, Club Drag Queen and Make-up Artist. Courtesy of Nils Rossi.

Rify Royalty

Rify Royalty, Drag Queen & Boylesque Performer. Courtesy of Nils Rossi.

To conclude, P.A.R.T.Y. offers a multifaceted insight into queer nightlife and I can say that displaying the portraits in different venues is the best way to reach new audiences.

To stay up-to-date follow the project on Instagram (@prideandrevolution) or  q|LAB for further events (@qlabmilano).

Featured Artists:

Daphne Bohemién, Darkqueen (Milano) @daphne.bohemien
Lilly Love, Showgirl (Milano) @itslillylove
Kiddy Smile, Singer, Producer & Dj (Parigi) @kiddysmile
Kenjii Mizrahi, Dancer, Voguer (Bologna) @kenjii_mizrahi
Margarita Kojouharova, Designer & Clubber (Sofia) @margueritte
Guy Roland, Stylist & Dancer (Parigi) @tahiguy
Whitney Weiss, Dj & Producer (NYC, Parigi) @djww
Tea Hacic, Writer & Performer (Los Angeles) @teahacic
Ella Bottom Rouge, Burlesque Performer (Milano) @ellabottomrouge
Nuit Blanche, Burlesque Performer (Ferrara) @nuit_blanche_italy
Eli El Sultan, Performer & Dancer (Parigi) @eli_el_sultan
Cristiana Rivellino Santella, Fashion Journalist (Milano) @santa._.cristiana
Fiontasia, Artist & Performer (Londra) @fiontasia
Samuel Douek, Performer & Director (Londra) @douekdoes
Amber Valentian, Dj & Party Promoter (New York) @ambervtine
Rify Royalty, Drag Queen & Boylesque Performe (New York) @rify_royalty
Jusher Avan Lucis, Photographer (Milano) @jusherxavain
Ulia, Goldsmith & Clubber (Milano) @uliasaddog
David Blank, Singer (Milano) @davidblankofficial
Donut, Dj & Pary Promoter (Milano) @donatella_tenchio
Zoe Marden, Performer & Artist (Hong Kong, Londra) @zoemarden
Cesare D’Amico, Dancer & Performer (Milano) @cesare_damico

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