Edd: a project on self-discovery, intimacy and sexuality by Liam Ross Payne.


Liam Payne 3

Edd. Courtesy of Liam Ross Payne.

Liam Ross Payne is a UK-based photographer and graduate from Falmouth University whose work tackles themes of identity, nature, intimacy and sexuality.

In one of his previous works entitled Natural Beauty, he reflects on male body dysphoria through a series of intimate close-ups: skin, hair and belly are often considered enemies due to the societal standards imposed on us.

‘The project Natural Beauty, comes from my struggles with body dysmorphia and anorexia and was made during the height of both of these. I wanted to relate the beautiful imperfections in nature with the beautiful imperfections of people. No-one is perfect, neither should they be deemed so. I wanted to highlight parts of myself that I deemed imperfect, in a way this also helped me in the recovery of the previously mentioned disorders due to the fact I was focusing on these parts so much that I started to see the beauty in them.’ (Liam Ross Payne)

On this note, queer online portraits sometimes provide unhealthy body representation by accentuating negative stereotypes as my friend and London-based performer Ted Rogers clearly expressed in an article: by that, I refer to showcasing images of models looking like greek gods, showing off their six-packs or triceps in minimal interiors with plants and cats whilst pretending to label themselves as conceptual artists. final7_origfinal3_origfinal-8_origfinal1_orig

Natural Beauty. Courtesy of Liam Ross Payne.

As it is deeply fundamental to showcase a whole spectrum of bodies and identities, Liam’s project reminds the viewer that no-one is perfect and embracing our imperfections is the healthiest way to overcome our demons and live a more happy life.

Next up, Edd is a project about Liam’s best friend and his unapologetic soul: through him, Liam discovered and embraced his queerness. This project was exhibited as part of Free Range Shows Photography Week One at the Old Truman Brewery in London from 21 to 25 June 2018.

Liam Payne 1

Edd. Courtesy of Liam Ross Payne.

Discussing the nature of Edd, Liam explained to me that ‘although some of the images look posed and staged they aren’t’: the images take the viewer on a journey in Edd’s life through exploration of his fashion style and facial features as well as some erotic themed images.

Furthermore, with regards to displaying his images, Liam admits his openness to showcase his work in museums and art galleries in the future if the opportunity ever arises. Nevertheless, due to the intimate nature of the project, he feels that ‘a more intimate setting and queer spaces would be more appropriate so the work will be better appreciated’.

Drawing inspiration from photographers such as Ryan McGinley,  Nan Goldin, Matt Lambert, Mark Morrisroe and George Nebieridze, Liam crafted his unique photographic aesthetic.

Ultimately, Edd speaks about queer identities and disrupts heteronormative societal norms: the photos celebrate the power of friendship and shared experiences.


Edd. Courtesy of Liam Ross Payne.

For enquiries and further information about his work don’t hesitate to email him using the email address ​liamrosspayne19@gmail.com​.



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