Orange The World: a project by photographer Eivind Hansen on Trans visibility.

fullsizeoutput_4415Orange The World. The Black and White Building, Shoreditch.

Courtesy of Eivind Hansen.

Norwegian-born and London-based photographer Eivind Hansen made the photographic project Orange The World to celebrate the beauty and strenght of a diverse range of women, casting some of the most outspoken and inspiring trans and non-binary people.


Orange The World. The Black and White Building, Shoreditch.

Courtesy of Eivind Hansen.

The work, hosted in a meeting room within the Black and White Building in Shoreditch, aims to function as an empowering and positive narrative, featuring Shon Faye, Munroe Bergdorf, KUCHENGA, Charlie Craggs, Faye Dickinson, Chloe Fiilani, Rhyannon Styles and Paris Lee.


Charlie Craggs (IG charlie_craggs )  Orange The World. Courtesy of Eivind Hansen.

Charlie Craggs is an author, activist and founder of the award-winning campaign Nail Transphobia. In 2016 she was ranked #1 on the Observer’s New Radicals List of social innovators in Britain, and in 2017 she was the recipient of the Marie Claire Future Shaper Award. She has recently released her first book To My Trans Sisters- a collection of letters of sisterly advice from trailblazing trans women for girls going through transition.


Shon Faye (IG @shon.faye) X Orange The World. Courtesy of Eivind Hansen.

Shon Faye is a writer, artist and comedian. She is Editor at Large at Dazed, a regular contributor to Novara Media and has written for The Guardian, The Independent, VICE and many other magazines about sexuality, LGBT politics and mental health. Her short films have been on display in the Tate Britain and the Tate Modern. She also campaigns with several organisations including Stonewall and Amnesty International for LGBT equality and women’s issues


KUCHENGA (IG @kuchenga) X Orange The World. Courtesy of Eivind Hansen.

KUCHENGA is a writer, an agitator an avid consumer of all culture high and low. She is a Black trans feminist whose work sparkles with vivacity and originality. She writes for Dazed & Confused, Wear Your Voice, Gal Dem, Hiskind and A member of Black Lives Matter UK, the Bent Bars Collective and Sisters Uncut she lives in London and can often be found frollicking in the park with her dog Nene. She enjoys cosmetics, Zumba and soy lattés.

To conclude, the exhibition , which will be on for couple more days, is worthwhile to all the people that are interested in positive and inclusive representation of gender identity.

To know more about the project check Eivind Hansen’s social media: IG: @eivindhansen,

500px: or website:

The florist who created the bespoke floral decorations for the portraits is James Buswell (IG @jebbo88 ). The make-up and hair were provided by MUA of Brown Beauty Standards Umber Ghauri (IG @brownbeautystandards), Benjamin Ip (IG @benjaminipmakeup) and Billie Butch (IG @billiebutch).

If people are interested in coming to see the portraits they can email uk.



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